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While named after primates, the speakers don't look very monkey-like. They sell direct to the consumer and have made the idea of high powered, Class-D digital amps popular with audio enthusiasts. Datacolor is one of the global leaders in color management and color communication techologies.

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. Artison produces a multitude of state-of-the-art architectural loudspeakers and subwoofers, featuring in-wall and on-wall models specifically designed to complement flat-panel displays. All Moon Audio's cables are built in-house by Moon. First Watt is a kitchen table project for legendary power amp designer, Nelson Pass. The Squeezebox is a wireless music streaming device. Audiav Reference A/V Furniture AudiAV sits atop the food chain for ultimate-level audiophile equipment racks. The company invented the VHS video tape format, one of the most significant inventions in consumer electronics history. Sanus Systems Sanus Systems produces a wide variety of audio and home theater furniture, wall mounts, and speaker stands in a tremendous variety of finishes, shapes, and sizes. Logitech is the computer giant behind the slick and relevant Harmony Remote controls and media servers like the Transporter. Popular Ruark products include the. Savant is a leading manufacturer of home automation equipment and software. Harmony remotes are a true break through in Universal remote design as any consumer with a computer can program a. Recently, Acoustic Energy has made another push to re-establish themselves as a player in the very. In addition to screens, lifts. Chestnut Hill Sound created the world's first central platform for the playback of digital. Best known as the maker of the Squeezebox line of electronics including wireless receivers, boom boxes and more. Accustic ArtsBased in the German town of Lauffen am Neckar, Acoustic Arts offers a complete range of high end audio and home theater products from electronics to cables to loudspeakers, all made from the ground up in Germany utilizing world-class design.

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. is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of modern furniture, storage, seating and mounting systems for contemporary Home Theater and A/V entertainment systems. Aural Symphonics Aural Symphonics offers a complete line of audio, video, and digital cable products that are designed and manufactured in the USA. DCM Loudspeakers DCM, makers of the "Time Window" speakers, is one of the most storied brands in loudspeaker history. Featuring a patented bi-polar design, exemplary build. Acoustic Art Panels Acoustic Art Panels produces unique works of art that double as acoustic treatments. Notable Magico products include the gigantic. Lansing, with some other family members, began building loudspeaker drivers. Since then they have continued to flourish in the audio, home theater, car, and multimedia loudspeaker. The company made its name, obviously, in radio, then moved into "talking machines", or. Sanyo then began innovating in what would become one of its biggest areas of focus: power generation and management. Their Czech-made turntables regularly make Stereophile's Recommended Components list. Dating jensen speakers. Optoma makes a very well respected line of front video projectors. On the consumer side Beyerdynamic makes headphones and microphones. Home theater enthusiasts eat up all of the attention. Picasa has organizational features such as tagging, geotagging, and facial recognition. The Sota Star's vacuum hold-down system and robust build quality impressed hordes of critics and customers throughout the world. The low capacitance cables are available for audio and. Cambridge Soundworks Cambridge SoundWorks is one of America's first and largest factory-direct speaker companies. Genelec is an absolute force in the professional audio world and have been making significant inroads in the world of consumer speakers. Chesky Records Chesky Records is a record label for audiophiles, specializing in well recorded jazz, classical, and adult contemporary music. A pioneer of the affordable high-end audio genre, Adcom brought the philosophy of efficient, no-frills, high-current designs to the masses. Ultralink is one of the biggest audio-video cable brands from Canada packing a full line of home theater oriented products. Created by a retired IBM engineer, Clayton Audio amps use Motorola bipolar transistor semiconductors. Carada Screens are best known for their Masquerade and Criterion screens. Norway-based Electrocompaniet now offers a complete line of products including CD players, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, AC power products, and professional audio products. The Continuum name was brought back in. Cosmetics, seating, acoustic treatments,. The company is still owned by the Beyer family. While Nakamichi extended its design brilliance into the categories of turntables, CD playback, and. Music Hall sells sensibly priced electronics and turntables to discerning music lovers. Boasting a lifetime replacement warranty, SI claims to lead the market in US-Manufactured projection screens.Notable SI products include Black Diamond, a proprietary high-contrast ambient light rejecting projection screen material that. Their systems are often custom built, come with specific power amplifiers and are both treated acoustically as well as specifically. Their new line of MI speakers are narrow in.

Arcam still manufactures many of is. Cue Acoustics Cue Acoustics designs and builds premium table radios designed to work with iPods. Each radio is hand-assembled in the US, and is designed to not only sound good but be easy to use. Leon Speakers Leon speakers has come to market with speakers designed for today's flat HDTV market. Formally sold under the ZCable name, Clarity Cable is owned by Chris and Melissa Owen. Sutherland products represent a cost-no-object, handcrafted approach to two-channel audio. Rockport also made what is considered by many to be the finest turntable ever made, the Sirius. TiVo's Apple-like ease of use and graphical user interface made is a consumer favorite nearly overnight. Best Buy is a multinational retailer and etailer that specializes in consumer electronics. Vienna Acoustics Based in Vienna Austria - Vienna Acoustics produces an ultra high-end line of audio and home theater loudspeakers, along with some custom installation friendly offerings. Digital Projection Digital Projection is a video projector company that has built a strong following in the ultra-high end home theater space with installers and consumers looking for ultra-bright and customizable projectors. Popular Acoustic Zen products include:. The Cary Classic Series consists of audiophile. Samsung is one of the biggest and most important electronics companies on the planet Earth. Dynavector is a Tokyo-based maker of high end audio cartridges for LP and turntable use. They are best known for their exclusive relationship with the NFL. Their brands include Sonus faber, REL, SME, Wolf Cinema, Pro-ject, and Okki Nokki. Relationship management skills. JVC continued its innovation.

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. Snell designs and manufactures critically acclaimed loudspeakers for virtually every application. Zanden Audio Zanden Audio is a Japanese manufacturer of absolute state of the art high end audio products including phono stages, transports, DACs, preamps and amplifiers. Final's CEO fell into legal trouble based on past business dealings at a. VTL produces a select line of high-end tube amplifiers, preamplifiers, and integrated amplifiers,. Monster Cable pioneered the concept of high-end cables and connective accessories throughout the world. Emotiva is the in-house brand of a US-based OEM manufacturer of electronics that makes some of the much more pricey products. They have thousands of different fabric, leather and color combinations available across a wide range. Almarro Products From the mind of designer Yoshihiro Muramatsu, Almarro Products is a tube audio manufacturer from Nagano, Japan known best for their wooden faceplates. Today's C-CAM metal domes are instantly recognizable visually and audibly. Composite's products dissipate vibration from internal and external sources including air-born over. ESP Loudspeakers ESP Loudspeakers was founded in the UK by Sean McCaughan. ViewSonic is best known for computer monitors but have branched out into the world of video projectors, HDTV sets and other more home theater oriented products. Metaxas Audio Systems designs and manufactures a variety of high end amplifiers, preamplifiers, integrated amplifiers, and cables, and uses extensive recording studio experience and technology in its R&D. A UK brand, Focusrite was bit of an obscure company to American markets. is owned by Toshiba America, Inc., a subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation, a world leader in high technology products with subsidiaries worldwide. Relationship hq. Clayton Audio Clayton Audio is a St. Louis based company that specializes in Class A amplifiers. Red Rose Music Founded by audio design legend Mark Levinson, Red Rose Music offers a system-oriented approach to high-end audio with its variety of loudspeakers, hybrid amplifiers, phono cartridges and preamplifiers, and even CDs. Most InFocus projectors use. Jolida finds itself as one of the more affordable audiophile tube solutions, thus the choice for the. TiVo was the first DVR/PVR and by many reviewer's statements today is still the best. LG is one of the largest manufacturers of HDTV and home theater electronics in the world. Similar to Sonus faber in appearance, Aures Audio products incorporate a variety of materials. PSBSpeakers has built a formidable reputation for affordable high-end loudspeakers for virtually any application. D-Sonic is a small amplifier manufacturer that specializes in small, high-powered amps. Decware is an Illinois-based maker of high end audiophile tube gear designed by Steve Deckert. Sherwood has, for over a half a century, designed and manufacturing some of the best affordable audio and home theater electronics in the world. Integra has led the way in high performance HDMI receivers and AV preamps. The content can be streamed via a high-speed network connection to a variety of networkable devices, including computers, HDTVs, Blu-ray. Theta began as a quest to improve CD sound, modifying Philips CD players and eventually producing its own CD playback system. Boulder is located, as you'd expect, in Boulder, Colorado. Currently OmniMount makes. Since then it has remained one of the most respected brands of ultra high-end audio and home theater source, preamplification, and amplification components in the world. If you can use a web browser, you can program a custom remote control for your system.. Shortly thereafter, however, Carver left the company. Straight Wire Straight Wire was founded by Steven Hill and is one of the more well known audiophile and home theater speaker cable and interconnect cable companies in the marketplace today. Hafler also pioneered very early work in surround sound, including matrix configurations. On the industrial/commercial side Beyerdynamic. Composite Products Composite Products, LLC designs, manufactures and markets high performance carbon fiber anti-vibration racks, platform shelves and accessory feet and mounts for the high-end audio/video and scientific markets. They have a wide selection of products to choose from, including DACs, music servers, preamps, power amps, integrated amplifiers, cables and more. Notable Creative Labs products include: Creative.

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. The company produces everything you could need from CD players, preamps and amps as well as having their own line of audiophile cables.