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Also towards the tip of blade it says MAPPIN BROTHERS with a design. Dating for money. I have also started to like the steel, I had first some reservations about it. Dating j russell knives.


. The angled pommel offers a great reverse grip. Adding to the need for food, people back east were demanding buffalo robes that they used as coats and lap robes when riding in sleighs and carriages. Nice Butcher marked knife with elk stag handle. This is an unusual push dagger with original sheath. Push daggers are getting really hard to find. It has the original leather sheath. Crooked bladed antique dagger. Similar to the Hudson Bay mark. Maker Queen  Cutlery Works Sheffield.  El.General Prim Bowie Knife Large Bowie knife etched blade horses riders. Buffalo hunters tacked knife sheath maker marked Russel knife. Just a good Antique American made Bowie knife. E&F HORSTER GERMANY is the maker. The blade grinds are decent and fairly even throughout, and I like how they softened the shoulders in the mid-hollow grind; doesn't snag on your cutting material. At about the same time, the iron horse also began to blaze a trail into the west, and these construction men also had to be fed. It is comfortable in, all the grips I tried. The knife is well-pinned and everything is flush with the rosewood scales. Beauiful stag horn grip in excellent condition. The handle shape never totally made sense to me. Stamped on left ricasso is GRAVELEY & WREAKS NEW YORK. Thanks, Will Beautiful knife P and a really honest and through first impression! :thumbup: A dedicated Grohmann thread, excellent! Thank you HFinn and Jack Black. The sheath is wood covered by brass. Patrick Floyd “Pat” Garrett was an American Old West lawman, bartender, and customs agent who became famous for killing Billy the Kid. Dating patterns since the 1960s are. Handle is in good condition and is good and tight. On the brass guard is a ANCHOR. Rare factory engraved Winchester knife. Confederate dagger with origianal leather sheath was found behind a wall while tearing down old home sted in New Orleans some years ago. I thought I might do something special to it, to make it mine. I chose the smaller Trout & Bird as opposed to the usual big one simply because I wanted a lighter weight more compact knife for travelling, but it aint no pocket-puukko that's a fact. well, see my previous post, with the update below: the proof's in the cutting, as t'were. Might give the paste shoe polish a go. On the handle is intinials R.M. But these would certainly get a fire started if necessary.. Dating in college. Good old Edgemark knife with original sheath. This is an bronze made knife with a stone inset of the butt of knife. ANZA Bowie knife blade made from a file. Not excellent, not spectacular, but very very solid. Next up: losing the scritchy nylon cord that arrived attached to the knife's lanyard hole. Camillus hunting knife sword brand on blade original sheath. Handle is leather wrapped and has a brass end cap. Here is a civil war bone saw knife. Large old Bowie and leather sheath. Dating j russell knives. The end cap of knife is made from cape buffalo horn. Mine does have a stamped tang, not etched - my photos are never that competent so that's the confusion. I know this is really a leather question. So I thought I'd ask it here. Holds the knife deep and secure. On other side of knife Auspioious Wedding Princess Jodhpur. Maker marked CORSAN DENTON BURDEKIN & CO SHEFFIELD. I use Johnson's paste wax on plain leather. Early bowie knife & leather sheath bone handle. I'll confess, I've never thought along those lines! But now I thinking about that-- and smiling. The closest analogy I've come to is that of a recumbent bicycle vs. He was also the sheriff of Lincoln County, New Mexico as well as Doña Ana County, New Mexico. But I never loved that handle shape. Nice one for your collection. Very large Bowie knife with stag handle. Old Randall knife & sheath in good condition. More to come as I get acquainted with it. Antique D-Guard fighting knife. You could use paste shoe polish too, if you really want some color. And it doesn't frighten the uninitiated like the others do. I gave both the ol' chicken-eye and coon finger and determined both are worthy additions to my collection. American Indians hunted them for food and other necessities, and a harmonious ebb and flow between man and beast prevailed. Perhaps that has something to do with it being Canada's go to S.E.R.E. Yet it comes out nice and smooth. Marked Winchester Trade Mark. Large Texas made Bowie knife with inlaid star in handle. This old dagger is marked with a standing bear. This is a fine cabinet card photo of two cowboys armed with rifles and Colt single actions. Old dagger Bowie knife with deer hide sheath. Yet it is easy to insert and extract. Old hunting knife made by Edgebrand Germany. Nice Frontier Bowie unmarked. Blade is engraved and handle with medallion inlaid in the middle of handle. Dagger is pretty rough but would make a great parts knife. This is a nice little knife that has writing on the blade and is in spanish. Cowboy Era side knife with brass guard. Popped one in my pocket and tucked the other back in the box to be stowed away. NEW YORK CIVIL WAR BOWIE KNIFE. Knife is all original and is of the Confederate origin. NON*XLL on blade with a nickle guard.

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. Also etched on blade EL.GENERAL PRIM ENLABATALLA LOS CASTILLEJOS. Old knife and engraved leather sheath. On any tool, handles are important to me. Both have large Bowie knives. A very fine maker marked Joseph Allen & Sons Sheffield England bowie knife. This is a slicer/cutter and as such works well, in my opinion. It was okay, I used it a while. Vietnam survival bowie knife marked Japan.

Large push dagger with metal sheath. The Good: The build quality is comparable to a good Buck knife. My trade partner likes his new knife as well. Blade looks to have been made from a file. Marked on blade Germany St.Louis Grand Prize. Handle is horn and knife is in great condition. Knife was said to have been made down south which would make since having a shirmp handle. Or ones so tight that you have to give yourself a wdgie pulling them out. This is a fine and rare bowie. The handle on that Grohmann looks the perfect handful. Etching on both sides of blade and has Eagle head end cap..I've been very pleased with it, a delight in the hand and good for food prep, picnics, gutting fish, the lot. LostViking said: ↑ A dedicated Grohmann thread, excellent!Click to expand. Old Mexican D-Guard fighting knife.

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. Some will say mink oil or sno-seal. The Bottom Line: The Mini Russell is a welcome addition to my collection; the unique design really stands out in the crowd. Marked on blade XII with wood grips and brass guard. So this one is officially mine now. Case knife with the letter E missing. Blade is marked ORIGINAL BOWIE KNIFE. Old maker marked bowie knife and sheath with EL SALVADOR.

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. Obenauf's is my default, but as the sheath is already a little on the soft side I don't want to risk over-softening it-- hence the notion of paste/polish. I'm glad you found it, and appreciate your contributions. Nice Remington bowie knife with stag handle and leather sheath. Russell folder! I'd love to see a full flat grind model in the future. Knife is maker marked but is hard to read.  RUSSELL GREEN RIVER WORKS KNIFE. However, after the Civil War, that would change as more and more people moved westward. I actually always thought it was a tad bigger. Large Bowie with metal sheath Ivory handle silver anchor and arrow on other side of handle. I grabbed a small stick and split it down. Those caught my eye as well. He joined as a private and enlisted at Fort Lincoln with six other men; Young Hawk, Horn In The Front, Tall Bear, Foolish Bear, Red Foolish Bear and charging Bear. This old bowie knife is maker marked with Indian kneeling on one knee shooting an arrow. For this sheath, since I waited so long to own it. The more I use the knife, the more I like it, but I'm still surprised by where and how the blade relates to the handle. Maker marked P.I.C Solingen Germany. The handle is rose wood with a crack on one side