Dating in your 50s

You are at a high in your career, leaving you little time and have often outgrown the night club scene, you have had many life's experiences both good and bad. You date more for external reasons, seeking the fittest, most attractive and most popular date, you live in the moment.

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. It's all about timing with regards to taking the next step; after you finish your education, when you have a stable income, after that overseas trip. Tips for Dating Success: Keep the conversation positive, a key turn of is negativity, don't share your war stories with your date, save them for your friends. Meet for the first time in a populated, public location - never in a private or remote location. Just in case things don't work out, you need to be in control of your own ride - even if that means taking a taxi.

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. U shaped relationship regression. If you stay vibrant, happy and look on the brighter side of life experience you will be found very attractive. If you own a mobile phone, make sure you have it with you. Generally there much urgency to settle down quickly, your eager to please hoping looking for acceptance, fall in love simply for the buzz, you get excited about going and filling your social calendar. Tips for Dating Success: Stay positive, get out there and mingle, expand your network join a group, volunteer at a charity, take up dancing or hire the services of a matchmaker be proactive and take action. You have worked hard, reached your peak of independence, financial states, freedom of life experience. For both men and women the biological clock is ticking.Tips for Dating Success: Be honest and realistic with your date, discuss your goals and dreams early on in dating stages, particularly the topics of children and marriage. Tips for meeting offline First meetings are exciting, and normally are perfectly safe. Tips for Dating Success: Be honest and realistic with your date, discuss your goals and dreams early on in dating stages, particularly the topics of children and marriage. As a member of OurTime, your profile will automatically be shown throughout the OurTime Community at no additional charge.   Drive yourself to and from the first meeting. Now is your time to find a companion a great friend to share your life journey. Become a member of and learn more about meeting your match online. Tips for Dating Success: It may be to 'brush up' on your dating skills, practice with a friend, let them give you honest feedback. Do not do anything that would impair your judgment and cause you to make a decision you could regret. Inform a friend or family member of your plans and when and where you're going. However, always take precautions and use the following guidelines:   Always meet in public. If your goals are different and no compromise can be made move on quickly avoid heart break there will be someone out there with similar dreams.So get out there and find true love!. Statistically men marry someone with a three year age gap below and above their age, someone that will understand their love of the similar music, political experiences and dress sense. Dating in your 50s. In some cases extremely career driven individuals have re-surfaced and are ready to make that big commitment. No longer do you wait for the perfect time as you realize there is no time like the present and life doesn't happen by a schedule you just make you decision and live with the consequences.

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. Singles are online now in our large and active community for dating. Live life with optimism, one of the primary reasons both sexes request younger ages is the negativity and lack of enthusiasm of individuals within the same age range.

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Embrace your freedom to explore new opportunities and do something about your situation rather than complain and worry about being single.