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And then there are the parent-child pa. Sign up here for our daily Houston email and be the first to get all the food/drink/fun in town. Read More These big men were unstoppable. They are also INCREDIBLY obnoxious little squirts sometimes. Everyone has their taste, and what entertains one person may not be entertaining to someone else, even if it happens to be the most popul.   Intern season: it’s a thing here Beware the summer interns you find partying in Midtown. The kids who become the biggest child stars seem like they're adults in tiny bodies, which makes the.

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. Good thing, because you just spotted some friends at the bar. Because for better or for worse, dating in Houston is different than anywhere else. Hopefully you can get some of it at a baby shower or from friends and family who don't need it anymore, but you.   It’s hard to just “bump into” someone Everyone drives. Follow her at @BrookeViggiano to find out how she escaped. I'm pretty sure they're all haunted. Read More Everyone's got their favorite sports teams, and every one of those sports teams has a logo. it’s also pretty small Meaning that girl you met at your favorite local bar and dated for three weeks before things went nuclear is probably going to be at that same bar when you are trying to hit on another girl three weeks later. Read More An integral part of sports fandom is the signs at events which let everyone know what you're thinking. If your date lives outside the Loop, you will never see each other Ever. And by it, we mean your doomed relationship if you went to opposing schools. Read More Everyone's looks change as they get older. Read More Parents are lame. Most people are here for work, so be prepared to get your heart broken when your new girlfriend takes a two-year expat assignment in Germany. Holy cow, do we ever mean it -- there are more terrible tattoos out there than there are stars in the night sky, and by a long shot. As such, coming up with clever sports sign jokes is a time-honored America. Music Television showing music videos, wow -- crazy as it seems, those were, in fac. While you have to deal with angry shrieking defenders of the Third Reich on Twitter, and your one extremely dumb nonsensical uncle on Facebook, and. So next time, when the date-life struggle gets too real, here’s why you can know it’s not you, it’s Houston: Where you went to college actually matters College football rivalries are alive and killing it. Logos are like team nicknames -- they're important, they're really cool, and European.   A stance on something as simple as jalapeños can be a deal breaker And suddenly, with one order of nachos, your Tinder love affair was over.   You probably work for competing energy companies Don’t worry -- this won’t be a conflict of interest until you move in together. Read More Romantic comedies bring us both the laughs and the feels. And if they don’t, they aren’t a Houstonian and therefore you shouldn’t date them because as stated earlier, they’re probably moving soon. Read More Movies are a commercial venture that's also an art form. Sitcoms have been around practically since the first days of television. Proper dating etiquette is either a huge priority or not a thing at all There is no in between. Which is sweet, because you only own flip-flops. Sticky ribs, massive chicken-fried steaks, sloppy burgers, hot-as-hell curries. Dating houston. Dating jungkook would include. Are you one of the few people smart enough to figure out what the following cre. Fast-forward a year or t. Those are a few of the statements you will no longer believe after reading these hilarious notes from parents to their. Read More Sports history is littered with people who were the first to accomplish something in their respective fields -- many of whom hold records still unsurpassed today. Read More We all remember the stress of the SATs, and the joys of a several-hour test of our math and English skills. Brooke Viggiano/Thrillist The schizophrenic weather will ruin your date plans at least once It was nice out when you left the house, but by the time you made it to your picnic in the park the sky looked like the coming of the Apocalypse. Read More See all People get a lot of bad tattoos. But whether due to aging, plastic surgery, hard living or some combination of the three, the unrecognizable stars in this quiz might h. Meaning you won’t find any “missed connections” on the light rail.   Parking is always an issue, because you both drive trucks In fact, your first kinda real fight was over who was the better parallel parker. Read More Sure, there are plenty of celebrity siblings you probably already know about, like Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal or Chris and Liam Hemsworth. That is what gave rise to kid sh. Read More Kids are adorable, and they enrich parents' lives in more ways than can be counted. Sports movies are uplifting tales of overcoming adversity. That uniqueness makes the world go 'round! But t. But we now have more movies than ever, t. Traditions involve carving a jack-'o-lant. Your attractiveness jumps considerably if you have a pool The floating beer pong was cool when she could tan, but don’t be surprised if your Monday hangovers aren’t as cute come September. Houston food’s not exactly date friendly. Brooke Viggiano is a Houston writer who has been through ALL of this. The number of ways to get sauce all over your face knows no bounds.   It’s not uncommon for friends to come along You thought it was going to be just you two, but Mackenzie just broke up with that guy she was seeing and your date felt so bad so she couldn’t not invite her to happy hour.

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. Read More American sports teams have mascots that include parrots, dolphins, dogs, bears and other crazy costumed characters to get people excited about a game. You’ll know by whether they’re ordering “Buttery Nipples” or not.   You’ll date an engineer, a med student, and a bartender Wash, rinse, repeat until someone actually sticks.   And there’s a good chance you’ll fall in love during a hurricane Or at least severe tropical weather. Dating someone with kids. Some of the weird and wonderful cha. Those swift fad-like things that seemingly come out of nowhere and sweep an entire age group, or nation, beckoning us to partake in their silliness. No, this time we’re here to tell you the WHY. Whether the shots are used in an announcement in the paper or for save the dates, they can be a. Dating virgo woman. There are good times, too.   As big as the city is. Moms may each be unique and wonderful snowflakes, but some things are universal -- such as the potential for moms, or those making fun of them, to be absolutely hilarious. Read More Dear lord! These moms on social media are absolutely crazy. When they first started, movies were simply considered a form of entertainment.

Read More Child stars hold a certain fascination for everyone who's ever seen a movie. Every time you think you have a handle on things, a new phase starts, and brings with it its own fresh hell. Are you smart enough to re. Read More All animals fall into one of six classes: mammal, bird, fish, reptile, amphibian or invertebrate. Read More I hope you hate sleeping, because you might never doze off again once you see these ridiculously creepy stuffed animals. But how many of these classic ca. In ancient Egypt, they were revered,. Read More Not every family has a dad! Sometimes families have two moms, or a single mom, or any other number of valid family arrangements. Read More What is Topix Topix is a technology company focusing on entertainment and news media. Read More These male and female athletes are world famous for competing for Olympic medals