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Friends and I still talk about the naked Santa. The [office] reaction was of course horror followed by relief that he wasn't actually deceased. [We] were slack-jawed and the room fell silent. He was discovered the next morning by a worker who actually thought he was dead. Whether yours is usually a casual happy hour affair at the local bar or a swank restaurant soiree drenched in bubbly, you can probably remember some awkward moments. Dating with hpv. Dating horror stories. Soon, our resident party boy on the team invented a game where we all go around and say at what age we lost our virginity. Dating without a job. So, we each brought some wine and an appetizer to my boss' lakefront high-rise condo in Chicago and proceeded to get our holiday cheer on. By continuing to use our website you are agreeing to our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. While the employee remained with the company for years afterward, the incident haunted him pretty much forever. On good years we had extravagant holiday parties [but] the very best party came during a lean year. A truly genuine surprise [is] the best gift of all." --Laurie Mercer The 'Let's Get Too-Personal' Party "Last year, the marketing team at my company decided to have our own holiday get together. Fortunately he was able to brush it off and treat it as the poorly thought-out mistake that it was.

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. Somebody always has too much vino, says something inappropriate or dances a little too closely with a fellow co-worker. Relationship n love.

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. Here are three that I think make the worthy-of-repeating list. 'Alvin and the Three Chipmunks,' supplied by a clueless DJ, were discouraging the dancers. The morning after the Santa show, [my boss] called all of the usual suspects into his office. The Naked Santa Surprise "I worked at a great advertising agency in Rochester, New York called Rumrill-Hoyt. None confessed to the crime of tastelessness. Some of these stories are more worthy of telling time and again, but others are forgotten before the new year begins. I wasn't there when he was discovered, but word spread pretty quickly afterward. To read more of her writing, visit Which relationship below is correct.

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. As an aside, the company canceled its corporate retreats shortly after this happened. Featured in Moneywatch We use cookies to give you the best online experience. Without warning, the Santa, resplendent with handmade tattoos, stripped to a dirty jock strap, leapt onto a table and began bumping and grinding to the tunes coming out of a tiny tape recorder near his feet.

A down-trodden looking Santa was working the crowd, handing out drink chits