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Many of the subgenre's pioneers proceeded to abandon it: the series eventually abandoned the collect-a-thon format in and revivals. to scrap a proposed movie that was in the works at the time, in favor of Darker and Edgier superhero flicks like and. A second season was announced but has been in Development Hell. Furthering this attitude for the studio is the box-office failure of while more mature works like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and have become successful. Enfield and Paul Whitehouse themselves later said that they hadn't intended the parody so aggressively and were sad to think that it might have contributed to people losing their jobs. On the other, mocked and deconstructed the genre so viciously that viewers could no longer take it seriously, cementing the public view of teen sex comedies as being weird, pathetic, lowbrow schlock that toed the line between sexy and sexist. What few shoot style promotions survived either became hybrids that showcase MMA too like the Inoki Genome Federation or openly adopted the tropes of other pro wrestling styles like LLPW. While it only had an effect on the game shows that were airing in Flanders, it killed off the entire phone-in game show genre there, to the point that some people think that the genre is banned in Belgium. At the same time, a new "indie wave" emerged, inspired on the "auteur revisionism" Sundance strived to avoid. The Tycoon genre died when title owner Frontier Developments was sued by Chris Sawyer, coupled off with many other famous companies which made such games going bust. Not too surprisingly, publisher Midway Games, who had been marred with financial trouble for years and had hoped Unreal Tournament III would revitalize their fortunes,. The insane amount of Capcom Sequel Stagnation for the franchise did this to the Rhythm Game genre in North America and Europe. While early MOBA-like concepts appeared in the custom map, "Aeon of Strife," 's addition of RPG Elements like hero XP and items codified the fledgling genre. also marked the decline of the live-action family film, which had been thriving for the first half of the decade, but it was now overshadowed by the greater potential CG offered while adult-oriented comedies were in resurgence. Kit Kittredge was barely advertised on TV and in theatres, and it had very short planned runs. A belated imitator that arrived some years later, , only confirmed that it wasn't coming back. Later big-budget Hollywood movies did have Action Girls, but usually in secondary roles as love interests or fanservice characters. The genre was not exactly a thriving one at release, but this made sure no one would even attempt another shot at it. Note that Ensemble going bust was Executive Meddling by Microsoft, who shut them down after they cranked out nothing but successful games. was such a success that no other American tokusatsu adaptation has been able to get too far off the ground. In the eighth generation, only the fan favorite and series remain active. Trailers for some musicals will even disguise the fact that the film is a musical. The television series is credited with killing off an entire genre of radio presenting with its "Smashie and Nicey" sketches about two ageing Boomer music radio DJs with dated musical tastes constantly reeling off the same tired, clichéd patter. The actors clearly had no idea how to make the improv flow, and the discussion topics were both incredibly dull, and inaccessible to people who had no idea what they were talking about. Peter Jackson's planned remake of , for one, was delayed in the wake of their failures. It's telling that even , one of the progenitors of traditional base-building RTS games, ended with a tactics-based game rather than a strategy-based one. Some, such as are even assumed to be copying Pokémon by due to the public's lack of awareness that it's a genre that existed before not something pioneered by it. The scourge of the quota quickies also affected the UK itself, but owing to a larger market and greater distance from the US, their film industry recovered in far less time. The commercialization of VHS tapes and cable television had weakened kayfabe and the territorial system by exposing plot holes and reducing the draw of world champions, since fans no longer had to wait to see them come to their region. The young adult novels featuring child protagonists stopped getting adapted in favour of books with teen protagonists - and films such as and. Other flops, such as Steven Spielberg's , Peter Bogdanovich's , Martin Scorsese's , and Francis Ford Coppola's and , were also used as examples of the danger of giving auteur filmmakers when making "personal" or "blockbuster" films. It would be a while before would revive any ideas of CGI adult animation. Both as well as the works of Raoul Cauvin destroyed the trend of ethnic stereotyping in Belgian Comics and Franco-Belgian Comics respectively. That said, former Tag Team partner Ivelisse got a huge pop when she stomped into Family Wrestling Entertainment and announced her hatred of divas. Unfortunately, both the fascists in Italy and the Nazis in Germany found the Futurist movement to be subversive and outlawed it. The unpopularity of has seemed to have killed off most mainstream attempts in the "kid uses super science and gadgets to deal with everyday life" genre of cartoons that started with shows like and. The show was an attempt at persuading networks in Canada to have their own soaps, however the show was, reception-wise and production-wise, a disaster. That is to say, even as WWE experienced its greatest success, the industry around it had shrunken as a whole, with there being few national promotions left in the entire , much less the United States. The series may have been instrumental in killing off the once mighty Guitar Hero and games. After the scandals, the focus of questions generally shifted from knowledge to word games and puzzles, and low-stakes panel games like were at their peak. Defense of the Ancients: All-Stars became so popular that it spawned an entire new genre emphasizing micromanaging and tactics. Changing sociopolitical trends render common and defining themes in a genre uncomfortable, bigoted, or even offensive, such as Minstrel Shows, which would have white actors in blackface. Alternatively, it turns out that the technology needed to convincingly move the genre forward wasn't as viable as people thought. One of the genre's key script writers, Dardano Sacchetti, had grown dismayed by what he felt were the fascistic undertones of the genre, and helped undermine the genre from within by steering it towards self-parody and eventually outright comedy. Also, its casual appeal due to its use of both modern and classic pop songs, not just strictly rock, was part of the why it largely supplanted Guitar Hero and as the go-to game for parties. With and failing to launch franchises as their sequels are still sitting on the drawing board, zombie films are rapidly dropping in popularity. Newer attempts at "Vegas-style" shows are really straightforward variety showcases - they might bring out showgirls for a few numbers, but as equals to the acts that once played second fiddle to them at best and as window dressing at worst. Similar to the example above with mecha anime, the success of and its spinoffs have largely killed off the idealistic Magical Girl series. To quote Paul Heyman, "Because could top that! And in good conscience, we didn't want anyone to try." Depending on who you ask, WWE buying out the competition brought an end to the popularity of pro wrestling. Eventually, Hollywood tried again with , which got a better reception but still mixed reception and bombed heavily. Activision disliked how the new game did on the market to the point that they sold the studio that developed the game to Ubisoft, the publisher of the aforementioned. A temporary example: The failure of Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior put a halt on shows getting random spin-offs despite the success of shows like. Dating game killer movie. In The Golden Age of Animation, a common plot was one in which everyday items came to life in a store after-hours and had adventures. The latter stereotyped jobs and popularized the trend of job stereotyping, making ethnic stereotyping feel rather unnecessary since the trend of stereotyping is already being done, without any Unfortunate Implications included. To date, the only holdouts of the Collect-A-Thon are and , which are both deliberate homages to those kind of platformers. Not helping matters was the Harry Potter leads also having entered their twenties by the time the final films were made. According to Stan Sakai, the reason the animated series of was never greenlit was because of the flop of , with which it shared a rabbit protagonist and sci-fi setting. After most readers realized that most magazines they were reading were saying that they should buy horrible products, you can expect that most readers stopped caring about what they had to say, resulting in the demise of many of them. ECW made an effort not to do another barbed wire match after Sabu vs Terry Funk. Not helped by the Genre Deconstruction coming along and pointing out the genre's numerous problems, namely the large amounts of transphobia and homophobia. Given the fact that the genre was relaunched by a deconstruction, however, it should come as no surprise that the genre quickly plunged back into self-parody. Alan Moore, writer of , is incredibly aware of this, having spent a majority of his career after the novel trying to undo its influence on comics. Burton himself, of course, would keep making films in this vein, but beyond him, the style wouldn't come back into vogue until towards the end of the decade, which was ironically helmed by the director of , Henry Selick. Subsequent megamusicals are mostly limited to European and sometimes Asian runs - though the production values and budgets of such shows as , , and especially occasionally compare to those of the megamusicals. Disney had their own fantasy-esque western in the works, a reboot of , and nearly pulled the plug on it. Now, most new preschool-aimed content tries to teach kids lessons without talking down to them. The flop of killed the Wizarding School Battle Harem light novel, which, while not exactly being a critical favorite, was quite a profitable genre for both books and anime. Compare Creator Killer, Star-Derailing Role. The genre was already in its death throes about a decade before Cervantes' novel, but it certainly dealt the final blow. , the Intercontinuity Crossover between Image Comics and Valiant Comics. Of course, disaster movies are becoming rarer again for the same reason. Nowadays most comedy comic books in Flanders feature one of the above in one way or another, separating the Belgian comic from the Dutch comic. In the UK, meanwhile, it didn't even make as much impact as two years. Death of a representative icon of the genre, such as a visionary writer/director/musician/etc dying, or a major company with a focus on the genre shutting down. The execrable World War II FPS Hour of Victory seems to have killed off WWII shooters, with the only noticeably successful ones since coming out nearly a full decade afterward, like and the free-to-play. Joel Schumacher's movies had undergone heavy Executive Meddling to make them more family-friendly and Merchandise-Driven, which played a huge role in their negative reception by fans, critics, and moviegoers. Another factor in the death of spin-offs was the show. Paige put an end to the concept of a token non-girly Diva. and not only killed any attempt to continue the franchise centered around the smash hit masterpiece , but ensured any further movies centered around killer sharks would not be taken seriously anymore. Their predecessor , however, was a classic example of the genre. The Kinect is widely seen as having killed motion controls for mainstream use, thanks to the glut of shovelware, technical issues, and games that barely worked plaguing the peripheral from its debut onward. It didn't help that it had to compete against , a flat classic in CinemaScope, during its run. Also not helped by the not-serious-at-all also being a success that year. Pretty Cure Bukatsudo Energetic, a Curefic masterpiece, has become such a Tough Act to Follow that nowadays, it's impossible to write a Japanese School Club-themed Curefic without being accused of ripping this one off. While the film series, which pioneered the trend, is still going strong today, later installments have focused more on straightforward action and car chases as opposed to the earlier, more extreme sports-centered installments. destroyed the space shooter genre born of and popularized by.

On a work, it goes on the Trivia tab. Usually, they just end up being viewed as imitators. While westerns are still fairly common, they have never returned from their virtual omnipresence of yesteryear. Also compare Trope Breaker, where it's a culture change or technological advance in Real Life that takes a genre down by discrediting one of its chief tenets. The show was already in trouble when BBC had to sell production rights to Starz Entertainment, however the show was met with overwhelmingly negative reception from fans and critics. With the success of promotions like , SHINE Wrestling and others offering healthy alternatives to WWE programming - and a renewed focus on the Divas in WWE themselves - not many people are interested in Camp wrestling any more. The success of Adam Sandler's "Happy Madison" productions eventually supplanted it by adding more mature content and mixing in other genres. Outside of Japan, however, this is closer to a straight example where, while managing to avoid accusations and the resulting stigma of being a ripoff, Yo-Kai Watch has failed to gain any popularity above a Cult Classic. Some may argue that the genre's still alive in the form of "Inspirational Coach Movies" such as , , and. Pinball used to be mainstream, and turned it niche. The success of also helped flesh out the personalities of many main roster Divas. That's how badly it crashed. Since then, all future American Girl movies have been direct-to-video and have followed their modern Girls of the Year rather than the flagship historical line; later movies are also direct-to-video and do not follow the live-action theatrical movie's canon. It backfired, though - was a Sleeper Hit that spawned three sequels and a host of copycat films. is often labelled as killing off the standard "adult hero with Kid Sidekick" formula, as a consequence of being the Trope Codifier in comics for the Kid Hero. Its accomplice was The Mad Magician, a cheap clone involving stage magic instead of a wax museum, which did well at the box office but earned a sorry reputation. Dance-based Rhythm Games still hold popularity however.

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.. Following the commercial disappointments of the latest installments, MTV sold developer Harmonix for and Activision briefly pulled the plug on future Guitar Hero games, and other developers, having bled money from their endeavors, have gotten out of the market. But by the end of the decade, the genre was slumping in popularity. While a Diva might still have , there will not be any more overly hyped, blatant attempts at Fanservice, at least not in the foreseeable future. Countries such as South Korea, Japan, and Thailand began producing their own martial arts films, hoping to fill the void, and creating some new stars in the process, such as Tony Jaa and Jeeja Yanin. Despite being a smash hit in sales, it managed to turn most people off of the already oversaturated genre. Today, it's considered noteworthy if a fighting game breaks just two or three of the rules that placed down, such as , , and. The Nostalgia Critic imitate the style of Tim Burton. not that its success changed WB's mind about PG-rated blockbusters, although Marvel did see an enormous potential in them. may give it a chance at redemption since it was renewed for a second season, but only time will tell. The Anthropomorphic Mascot with Attitude platformers started petering out after and the dipped their toes into the world of multimedia franchising and saw incredibly disastrous results. Popular contestants from Flavor of Love and eventually Rock of Love would end up on , while all contestants were eligible to compete for money on. A Deconstruction that successfully brings every single flaw and illogical element of a genre to the fore, discrediting any subsequent attempts to play them straight. No attempt to try this idea again has materialized since. At the time of the Nintendo Wii's launch, motion controls were seen as the future, and both Sony and Microsoft moved to quickly copy the idea with the Kinect and the PlayStation Move. later focused the film adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on adult protagonist Newt Scamander, to much greater success critically and commercially. Perhaps more importantly, it effectively wiped out North American game/console development, to the point where it took over two decades to fully regain the ground that had been lost to Japanese competitors. Arguably, the combination of 's failure, rising sentiment against the US military's involvement in the Middle East, deconstruction games such as , and a backlash from gamers towards obviously-derivative modern day shooters, has led to this shift in subject. When it closed in less than a year and lost its entire investment, The New York Times wondered if it was a bad sign for megamusicals. Thankfully, was both favorably received and was an instant box office success, sparking hope that the genre may be headed back to Hollywood interest. Sometimes advances in CGI or computer programming can revive the genre - for example, the Epic Movie was briefly dead until advances in computer technology and animatronics were able to tamp down on the costs. was this for sports anime and manga in the American market due to poor sales reported by Funimation. It's also telling that most modern examples subvert some aspect of the genre, as the straight western is still basically dead. However, some British comedies get a cult following in the US if they are available on Netflix or Hulu. was an attempt at a Genre Relaunch that ended up being a massive critical and commercial failure. It's even been stated that it led Warner Bros.

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. As a result, the longest-running talk shows such as ABS-CBN's and GMA Network's ended up cancelled and the afternoon weekend timeslots are filled for Tagalog-dubbed movies instead. It has managed to shake off the stigma of being viewed as a imitator, though. It's to Webber's ouevre what is to Stephen King's. Nonetheless, the ideals of Futurism remain as significant components of modern Western culture, especially in Science Fiction. Contrast Genre Relaunch, a work that brings a genre Back from the Dead. A particularly ghastly sequel runs the entire concept into the ground by the virtue of being thoroughly derivative. Some works, however, end up being the last straw for the genre by circumstances unrelated to their actual content but rather by their Troubled Production and Executive Meddling. A work that , making everyone afraid to invest in this genre.     Fan Works  There are good Curefics, and there are bad Curefics, and then there are these: After , don't expect reference-driven Curefics to be taken seriously again for the foreseeable future. was the first outright flop, for a lot of different reasons. When she entered NXT, her 'Anti-Diva' character was actually quite popular and she enjoyed great reactions.

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. Female-led superhero movies suffered two major blows. Roger Ebert gave it a spot on his most hated list, it became an Old Shame to Will Smith and Warner, and pushed ideas of westerns that crossed over into sci-fi/fantasy into the far background for over a decade. While the Chinese takeover and the Asian financial crisis did mark the end of the "Classic Age" of Hong Kong cinema, China and Hong Kong continue to produce many martial arts films today. itself is also partly to blame for killing the genre because many shark-centered films following it couldn't shake off accusations of taking cues from the film. This was entirely intentional, as the increasingly gruesome stories had drawn enough fire from the Moral Guardians that comics were in danger of being prohibited in many states. It was difficult before due to the massive oversaturation of video game magazines, which meant that they were all about hyping up the public for whatever game that would hit the store shelves, even if it was pretty bad. The show was a loosely-based remake of popular Australian improvised dramedy , which was about a number of commuters chatting about popular topics at night on a commuter train. Unless 's sequel somehow revives it. Relationship vs dating