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Refer to the diagram below from the Service Manual Schematics. You can also see jumper wires soldered across the board. Inside every GR guitar are a lot of small, integrated amplifiers called "op-amps." These due tend to fail over time. I emailed back that his memory was probably fooling him, as there was no official Roland documentation on the pickup change. If all six strings work in hex-fuzz mode, and you know your cable is good, your pickup is working fine, then your op-amp is most likely bad. You only need to uncover one of the common pins for this repair. Relationship development stages. The first seven are for the hex pickup, and they include a common or ground point, plus the six string outputs. Fujigen Gakki also built guitars for Ibanez, Fender, Fender/Squire, Yamaha, and of course Roland. From looking at the version "A" photo, it appears the one op-amp is used per string to both amplify the signal and create the hex fuzz sound. OTHER COLUMNS: Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; Album notes; Alembic report; It's new; Bulletins. The conductive metal traces are layered on to the plastic ribbon, and are fragile. Distant view with wire leads shown as well. Restored Divided Vintage GR Synth Pickup Installed in Pedulla XJ-S: This is a photo of a wide pickup set to be installed in a Pedulla XJ-S with Roland electronics. I had been exchanging emails with GR-user Jonathan Prince, who had, once upon a time, ordered a replacement hex pickup from Roland. Thick issue.cover is loose at staples. The above photos show the conversion of a "narrow" older-style hex pickup.

Diagram from the Roland Service Manual Schematics showing the wiring of the ribbon connector. Gretsch.Music Man.etc Good complete condition. I mean, nothing says official Roland service notice like a hand drawn Roland logo! I have never met Mr. OTHER COLUMNS.Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; Bookpicking; Album notes; It's new.SOME FULL PAGE AD FEATURES. Arrow points to the pads to de-solder. After this change, everything worked perfectly. Stanley Clarke, Randy Bachman, Gabor Szabo, The Stromberg History, Latin America's Guitar Heritage. I have successfully repaired a half dozen pickups this way. To find out if you have an op-amp failure, listen to the hex-fuzz output only. A more remote possibility is that you have a damaged pickup. He mentioned he had misplaced the paper they sent with the pickup explaining what parts to replace when he installed the new pickup. You will note that one row of six pins are common, or ground. So, and I think this is the coolest part of this whole note, he apparently decided to trace out the official Roland Company logo at the top of the note. Reading in the same direction, they are the p-touch, p-touch lock, the guitar pickup output, ground, and the normal guitar out. I would work a little bit, then closely inspect the pole pieces. If you get all six stirngs to output a synthesizer signal, but one string looses the hex fuzz sound, then it is almost certain that you have a bad op-amp. Close-up detail of wires attached to the pole pieces in the hex pickup. John Hurt; Barney Kessel: Answers questions. Allow and hour or two for the whole procedure.

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. There is no official designation in the Roland product brochure that indicate the guitar actually had different finishes. CF Martin Bicentennial guitar & banjo Gibson.Fender.Randall. Before you start this repair, it is important to check that the ribbon is the problem.

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. Cobb, Meg Christian, Bass Guitar Strings, Carmen Mastren, Solos For All Occasions, American Guitar: Part II, Larry McGee, etc Good condition. Remove the ribbon connector from the circuit board, and using a multi-meter, check the impedance between contacts. If you do not have a spare cable, try jiggling either end of the connector, though the problem is most likely to be the end that plugs into your guitar. Dating fender amps. The bottom green wire is the common lead shared by all the elements. Since there is no way to repair the ribbon connector itself, you will cut the ribbon connector off the hex pickup, remove the potting wax around the pole pieces, and then solder replacement wires to a new ribbon connector. These are the Dremel attachments I used. The first thing you want to do is try another cable! Cable failures are the most frequent GR-system problem. I am not sure who the lucky winner of the auction is, but if anyone has access to higher resolution scans, I would love to add them to the website. Fortunately, there is a possible fix for this problem, but be forewarned, this is the most difficult and tedious vintage Roland repair. Great cover photo of Betts. The original ribbon connector is also in the picture. Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; Album notes; It's New; Bookpicking.The LA photographer team of Gary/Zlowozer took this month's cover shot of the great rocking Jeff Beck.SOME FULL-PAGE AD FEATURES :. The line-level amplifiers are surrounded by resistors for a simple gain circuit, and the hex fuzz amplifiers have the network of diodes used to create the fuzz sound. Typical replacement part:. The repair destroyed three of my Dremel brushes, and as the metal brush disintegrated, tiny metal wires went into my face. As it turns out, these are exactly the modifications that I outline in the notes below. One more thing that I must mention: apparently Mark Wire did not have any official Roland stationary when he penned this missive to Jonathan. Here is the entire assembly in the guitar, with black masking tape added around the connectors to prevent shorting. Instead of a synth pickup failure, you possibly could have a problem with the electronics. Low wattage soldering iron and solder. Refer to the photos below to orient your epoxy removal to access the six lead pins and one common pin. Dave Nelson, Ovation; Herb Ellis, Mastercord; Larry Coryell, Mu-Tron III Very Good Condition, mailing label on front. If the sound comes and goes, then you need to fix your cable. Also, the Dremel brush can damage the casing of the pickup, so to be on the safe side I taped up the edges of the pickup to prevent damage. King, Advisory board tips; Happy Traum: Fiddle Tunes II; Jerry Hahn: Augmented Patterns; Bob Baxter: Playing Backup; Jimmy Stewart: Minor Scales; Stefan Grossman: Miss. Roland describes this color as metallic blue. If not, then you most likely have a problem with an op-amp inside the guitar electronics. Later Roland controllers uses a metal plate attached to the headstock with serial numbers only, and no letters. The backs of the guitar are almost identical, so its it possible the color variation is more a function of the wood used for the top. These resistors set the gain for the hexaphonic fuzz circuit. Cool Gretsch ad with Chet Atkins, Pat Metheny-Mick Goodrick, Alvarez full page ad,, Jim Messina full page ad for Ovation Guitars.tons of great ads and articles. But one guitar is distinctly light than the other guitar. In the Pedulla XJ-S the electronics are in a very narrow cavity, with barely enough room. Rich, Hagstrom, Ovation, Guild.Ibanez.Takamine. Also includes T-Bone Walker; Tommy Bolin; Jimmy Raney; Harvey Brooks. color>Peter Lang: A Pro Replies; Rusty Young: Steel symposium; Howard Roberts: Around The Melody; B.B. These ribbons become very brittle as they age. Close-up detail both ribbon parts inserted into the ribbon connector on the circuit board. This explains the similar designs and features of Roland and Ibanez guitars of the same era. Checking the Impedance of the Divided Vintage GR Synth Pickup A vintage Roland GR pickup consists of the divided pickup plus an attached ribbon cable. After a quarter-turn, the gain would be too high for any kind of dynamic control. Be careful when working with these pickups, as the ribbon cable will become brittle with age and is easily damaged. The other models of guitar synths are a little bit more difficult to troubleshoot, since they do not have hex-fuzz. New wires attached to the hex pickup. The video clip below shows a repair using a nylon brush. Once you've found the cap, snip one of its leads with a diagonal cutter - you will be rewarded by a brighter fuzz sound with more presence. This serial number system makes it very easy to date the guitar.

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. Underside of the electronics. The last repair I did had particularly difficult epoxy. This ribbon will be used with the remaining ribbon part. OTHER COLUMNS: Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; Album Notes; Alembic Report; Bookpicking; It's New SOME FULL-PAGE AD FEATURES.Hoyt Axton, A&M Good Condition with normal wear. A Dremel tool was used to remove the epoxy-type potting wax around the pole pieces of the hex pickup. OTHER COLUMNS.Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; Bookpicking; Album notes; It's new.SOME FULL PAGE AD FEATURES.Bob Weir, Ibanez; Rick Petrone, Randall; Howard Roberts, Playback; Herb Ellis, Mastercord. The light guitar has the stamped serial number indicating it is from an earlier production run, while the darker guitar has a metal plate on the headstock, suggesting it is from the later period of production. Cub Koda, Ibanez; Peavey; Elvin Bishop & Johnny U, Electra; Paul Stanley, Gibson; Steve Marriott, Ovation; Brad Stephenson - Wil Sharpe - Mike Ponczek - Mark Richards - L Duncan Hammond - Greg Riker, ghs; Jerry Hahn, Conn; Kenny Loggins, Kaman; Al Kashn. Michael Howell, Finger style jazz master; Eldon Shamblin, Of Bob Wills Fame; Bill Kirchen, Commander Cody lead guitar; Treble Booster, Build Your own; Tony Zemaitis, Luthier to Clapton, Harrison, etc.; Paul SIMON, A Guitar Study Center workshop. Good complete condition. INSIDE COVER STORIEScolor>. I have tried different Dremel brushes for this work. The last repair totally destroyed three of my brushes, as the epoxy was very, very hard. VG condition, mail label back cover. Bob Weir, Ibanez; Waylon Jennings, Randall; Jerry Reed for Peavey, Music Man amps, HOhner guitars, Roland effects, SYairi guitars, Yamaha guitars, Guild guitars, etc. Hex pickup ready for surgery. Hutto, Wireless Transmitters, Steve Khan, The Carter Family, etc. Articles on Ted Nugent, Albert Collins, American Institute Of Guitar, Steve Burgh, Corrective Nail Filing, Robbie Shakespeare, Built-In Bass Preamps, Eddie Durham, Stereos As Amps, etc. Then everything was tested again. OTHER COLUMNS: Letters to the editor; Guitaring; Questions; It's New. Unless you have been moving the synth pickup around a lot, they usually do not fail on their own. Photos - Left Hand Blue - Elliot Easton Custom: This guitar was owned by Elliot Easton of the band The Cars. When removing the epoxy-type potting wax, you only want to remove just enough to solder on to the pole pieces. VG condition, mailing label on back. In this installation, the ribbon connector was cut down to seven traces. GR user Peter Kulich reported a similar experience to me, but then he is Canadian. Q & A by Jess Colin Young, Chord Melody Lesson and other lessons. Good Condition, NO Mailing label. Removing too much will permanently damage the pickup. Speedwagon"; Gene Bertoncini, New York Studio Mainstay; Miguel Abloniz, Classical Guitar Mentor; Jazz Chords, altered and extended Good complete condition. Some have noted the the Roland basses have the logo "F Roland" on the headstock, for Fuji Roland. The next five contact points are actually for attaching wires to the top panel guitar electronics. Fujigen Gakki built a lot of guitars, for a lot of people, including Greco Guitars. Contractors could provide their own designs to Fujigen Gakki, but often they would consult with the Fujigen Gakki engineers, and make modifications of existing designs. Anyway, when I was done, it was up to my wife pulled these tiny wires out with tweezers