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Whenever I take it off, it crackles with static electricity. You go to your seperate classes in the school where sun chan teaches you. But more recently you've been showing up early poured over every word and not only got straight As but even wanted extra work and tutoring. How relationships evolve. Y/n you put it in your desk as you look up to see sun chan walking around.  Sun sama: I want you all to have a bright future.  Y/n: I don't know if I can be as bright as you sun sama. Earth chan knows this and that's why she forgives you.  Y/n: thanks I need to go Sun sama: ok y/n see you tomorrow You go all the way up to the roof and you see Jupiter there. So I wanted to fix the damage I was doing and trying to make things right for her.

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. Y/n: thanks I really wish I did it sooner. He's always watching over and protecting her like a great big brother should. In fact your the perfect size. O dating app. Y/n: its a pleasure I try my best to protect earth chan *gives her a head pat*  Earth chan: *purrs a bit* =ω= Y/n: I want to protect her together zone. Despite the size difference you and ozone are surprisingly equal in strength. He definitely didn't like me and tried to convince his baby sister to break up with me. Sun sama: so that is what you need to have a proper atmosphere to sustain orbit and life.

She then gets up and hugs you her embrace was warm and cozy like a protective mother.  Sun sama: I'm glad you decided to really put in effort. You never showed up on time you rarely rose above C and you never listened. Earth chan: thank you  A/n: well that's as good as any place to end it. I'm not complaining at all im really happy but I'm just curious. I had thought that this could not happen with a natural fibre like wool, but would need an insulating material like a synthetic fibre. But she never lost faith in me. I love her and I can't live without her. Sun sama: your not flawless y/n. When I peel one, the shell and underlying membrane sometimes separate cleanly from the albumen, leaving a perfectly smooth white egg. You know he's been getting sick because of pollution so while tending to earth chan you found a way to make ozone better too.  Ozone: thanks human *breathes it in and becomes a little clearer than before* I needed that for a while. You met earth chan a while ago and you were both getting along pretty well. However, we are very fortunate to have the bounty of materials that exists in Earth's crust, and our civilisation would not have developed without them. Earth chan is the only planet left who can keep a relationship. Sun sama had that same smile on her but also had a spark in her eye you didn't see before. you get a note on your desk and you put it under your desk so omni chan doesn't see it.  Juniper, meet me on the roof I want to ask you something. I really couldn't ask for a better girl than her. Even with all I did she stuck by me. Ozone: yea that sounds great You and zone both give your manly handshakes. you are bound to make mistakes. Jupiter: oh yea I remember I wanted to tell you that saturn was bullying earth chan. Yet soon they will become alive with fly maggots competing for protein. F dating philippines. Dating earth chan. She's sweet though so you wouldn't refuse an invite to her. Why dating apps don't work.. You rush over there and see saturn dump a bag of trash on earth chan and run off. Y/n: hey zone here  You give him a green canister with medicine in it.

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. You never really interacted with her since she's an airhead. At other times the shell, membrane and first layer of the albumen all stick together and are impossible to separate, so I end up with a pitted mess. Dont take this the wrong way've always been kind of a slacker. The others can't really last too long.  You shift your face so that you can speak through her giant warn round breasts. Sun sama: hahaha I'm sure you can manage.  The bell rings and the class exits. I was honestly just making this up as I go so I hope it isn't too bad