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MSNP Quotes Minsang Sinabi Ng Pantas Some words of wisdom from @BroEliSoriano & @DanielRazon by MCGI / Ang Dating Daan The best thing about going to Comic-Con is catching up with friends-such as my pals Mike and Lisa Pascale. E relationship marketing discount. But, until the swelling goes down, I won’t really know if I’m breathing better and if it was all worth it. And I’ve gone most years since then. Please double click the images to enlarge them. Dating xhosa woman. Dating like high school. And, in order to find time to write it, I need to cut something from my schedule. The result-a massive rash over most of my body. I started getting requests from fans who wanted to read the whole story. Earlier this week I posted a Last Kiss comic that used art from the opening panel of “The Gay Deception.” Although I’ve posted individual panels from this story several times, I got an interesting response this time. Double click the page to enlarge it. Instead, I’m staying home to work on a book. So I’m cutting Comic-Con this year. But I’m skipping the con this year.

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. On the plus side, though, my pal Mark Monlux did the above comic for me. Or, at least, that’s what it felt like. I had septoplasty-a surgery to fix my deviated septum and enlarge my nasal passages.

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. I’m not ready to talk about the book yet.

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. Fortunately, I received much better care from my live-in nurse than did in that movie. But really it’s a simple procedure requiring a sledgehammer and a drill bit big enough to unclog a storm sewer. A week later, the stints were removed.

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. But by then I’d developed an allergic reaction to the post-op antibiotic I was on. Now that sounds complicated. Relationship uno. Dating daan..