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 If you want someone who delivers with style, Amy is your girl.

Right, makes Zach a solid PDA for you.  When not executing clever jokes, he can be found practicing martial arts, volunteering for children with mental disorders, and drinking chamomile Starbucks tea while wearing a newsboy cap.  Today, Erika continues… When it comes to dating results, Amy is best described as a force of nature.  Zach’s geographical diversity, smooth dance moves, linguistic prowess, and respect for the fairer sex has led him to be a top notch lady charmer. I started this business because I wanted to help guys get more dates with attractive women online. As a DC-based growth-hacker and viral content expert, Karen has an incredible knowledge of the psychology of women on social media. A champion of her members, and all-you-can-eat contests; Mia provides a competitive edge when it comes to scoring digits. Hailing from the snowy tundra of “Oh Canada”, Kayla hasn’t lost her drive. Born & bred in sunny Los Angeles, Amber is a lover of all things natural & organic. From the humble beginnings of a Craigslist “Missed Connections” post that went viral, to professional “Funny or Die” writing stints, Erika knows how to make the ladies laugh. A combination of midwestern work ethic sharpened by New York education makes Mia a one-of-a-kind Los Angeles blonde.  Hailing from New Jersey, and partial to the advantages of Okcupid.

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.  With a personality mixture of sweet and sassy, plus a sprinkle of charm, Kayla will deliver the results you want.  This Eastern European import brings an intuitive knowledge of male/female social dynamics.  This charmer brings a keen understanding of how to get a woman’s attention.  Barbara may sing the blues professionally, but her Members sing her praises. Brian has helped me so much. Known as much for her sultry alto as she is for getting high response rates.  Amber’s laid back, down to earth style will put you at ease. Matthew’s background in professional level poker, tending bar at busy meat markets, and academic psychology credentials make him our most tactical Personal Dating Assistant. Jim is the newest member of our team.  Usually not at the same time.  Her undying passion for spicy food and spicy conversation results in wins. Her quick wit and bright personality… Personal Dating AssistantWhen it comes to understanding men, Barbara is at the top of our list.  Here at PDA, her background in psychology and social behavior is put to excellent use on the dating sites. He is so nice, professional and thinks outside the box which I love.

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. She is responsible for the success of some of the web’s most famous viral content and has launched the careers of all types- from linebackers to barbershop quartets. "Riding on others coat tails" is a thing for her.  Just a good joke, light banter, and a desire to help you meet ms. Administration Personal Dating AssistantJoanne may be camera shy, but when it comes to the ladies, it’s definitely showtime.  Thankfully for us, she survived.

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. Alaska born, Seattle raised, and Australian seasoned.  Equally passionate about mental health awareness, creative writing, and a good happy hour. A dating duo shivika ff. But he doesn’t need a pan flute to make the ladies dance.

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.  Additionally, I oversee all members at our International Playboy level. I had no intention of signing up for anything.  So far we know he enjoys mexican food trucks, french cuffs, and Magnum PI re-runs. Dating consultant. As concierge, my day to day involves walking new members through our process, and making sure your dating assistant has everything he/she needs to make you successful.  Not only a fantastic writer, but with a smile that comes through over the phone too, she’s sure to charm your prospects the same way she did us here at PDA.  She’s an east coaster turned west coaster, avid ballroom/latin dancer, and raises Cavalier King Charles Spaniels