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customer relationship era. To me… It’s knowing that no matter what happens, there is one person who will always stay by your side, love you, guide you, protect you and fill you with the most tender, strong, nurturing and filling love than you can ever imagine. and share what it means to me. Sign up to access the rest of the document. it’s being held accountable for my screws ups, but knowing that when I do mess up, Daddy will teach me a lesson and help me grow from them. Often times when I meet someone new, and they learn about our dynamic, I get a funny look… and then the question. and knowing I’ve disappointed him. E-dating meaning. But, the Daddy/lg relationship can be a hard one to understand. This is the end of the preview. Being a lil is knowing that while Daddy expects things done certain ways, that he is always open to helping when I need it, and balancing strictness and flexibility.until it’s this woven masterpiece of rituals and protocols. being a lil is all about emotional vulnerability. To me…it’s about being silly, sometimes bratty. and makes you wish time would never move when you are. and what happens when you cross it.

D/lg relationship. it’s undeniably and unequivocally who I am…and who I was meant to be. To me… being a lil has given me a way to open up to people, to show love, to be loved and to wake each day to the wonders that the world has to offer. but even worse than that is seeing the look on Daddy’s face, when I’ve messed up. what does that mean” So often when we hear about a D/s or M/s relationship we can conjure up images of what we think that means. letting people see the magic in this world. the kind of love that fills you, excites you, makes you sad when you aren’t together. So, when faced with questions.

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. its learning that corner time and writing sentences aren’t fun. its about giving my Daddy all of my love, trust, heart, soul and knowing that he will take these precious gifts and hold them safely. To me… its bringing joy and happiness to others. its about releasing my fears, letting down my walls, being open and honest with myself and those that I love and trust. to show others its ok to let the problems of the world fade for a while and just enjoy being in the moment. It’s about Build A Bear, WDW, coloring, story books and Disney Movies… it’s also about walks on the beach, quiet cuddle time and endless talks on long drives. but knowing it’s because Daddy likes this side of me.and that there is still a line. It might not have anything to do with a specific dynamic, but in general we can understand the foundation. protecting them from harm and danger.

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. D/lg relationship.

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. it’s about giving all of me, my sadness and happiness to the one person who knows me the best