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The spring in your step, the healthy foods on your plate and the optimistic feeling in your heart all help you feel great today. But did you know that nurturing these factors could also help you sidestep or even reverse frailty—the loss of strength, speed and energy that can whittle away at independence as a person ages? An estimated 7 to 12 percent of Americans age 65 and older are considered frail.

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In this overview of Volume 64, Issue 1, of the Journal of Social Issues, we describe why it is important to consider the diversity of student pathways through time and in context and why it is important to focus particularly on youth who defy predictions. We describe the ways in which expectations are formed in statistical analysis and also in real-world education systems and how the structural rigidity inherent in such systems can lead to poor person—environment fit for young people in education or training and to misleading statistical analysis. By focusing on individuals for whom our models typically do not apply, we highlight the value of research on complex but meaningful patterns of commonality among people, not in terms of the average person or effects, but in terms of coherent, distinct, and relatively homogenous subgroups of people experiencing systematic and consequential differences in their lives and lifepaths.

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Started inthe program identifies and rewards young people who have experienced significant hardship in their lives and supports them as they continue their educational journey. Their grit and resilience are overwhelming. Their stories give hope and remind us that no one should ever give up on a child.

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Early childhood is a critical developmental period because it influences the adults we become. From funding for preschool and nutrition to transformative laws like paid family leave that support children and families, policy has a direct impact on early childhood experiences, the adult health and social outcomes those children will experience, and, ultimately, the well-being of our society as a whole. The decisions a society makes today about how to support early childhood development will influence the future health, educational, and economic prospects of entire populations.

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New findings show that the program is also highly effective for special education classrooms. It includes a therapeutic dimension involving such elements as positive affirmations, emotional coping strategies, and guided interaction with rhythmic activities serving as a metaphor for life, followed by reflection and dialogue—without the stigma of therapy. The program serves a whole classroom at a time and is sustainably designed for delivery by school personnel or individuals without musical experience.

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By contrasting students with learning disabilities and students with schizophrenia, it becomes conspicuously clear that they face many of the same hurdles. I know through personal experience because I have both. Postsecondary institutions are making great strides in balancing the scales for disabled students.

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Getting a job after 50 is tough. It now takes unemployed Americans age 55 to 64 about nine months to get hiredon average, according to the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics — two months longer than for the jobless overall.

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The set was made for children, but it meant a lot to Ms. As she and her mother moved from place to place in Upper Manhattan and the Bronx, she cherished the miniature furniture because it gave her a space all her own. Her drive paid off.

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We know that children who grow up in poverty are disproportionately more likely to leave school early and less likely to enter post-secondary schooling. We also know that they are disproportionately more likely to balance schooling with paid work in childhood. We know they have disproportionately high rates of stunting and malnutrition.

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The Nomination Deadline for the Awards Program has passed. Recognizing the Positive Potential of Young People. Thursday, May 16, at pm. Lindenwood Christian Church.


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