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I've been writing everything for Freda because my biggest thing is that I've been through the same things. Dating bio. I really like to get all of the positive feedback across the board in reference to Freda. Yeah, there's so much talent on that show. I feel like it'll definitely get better for her because it did for me. So I went and auditioned for Lee Daniels and just went in there and did what I could, and here we are. He doesn't have to say , and he's hilarious. X relationship filemaker. It was such an awesome experience to work with him. What you wear is what comforts you most of the time, so her style wasn't too far off from mine, at whatever point in my life.

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. I just feel like I've met some very good people and we're having fun.". That's all I can really say. A friend had pitched her name to someone connected to , which led to an audition in Los Angeles. I was cutting hair pretty much my whole life, that was my occupation, and on the side, I was doing music, so acting was never a thought of mine. But Terrence, Taraji and everyone have been very embracing and helpful; you can feel the energy and the love. Where is dating in the bible. Bre-z dating. My biggest thing is I just sit back and observe. It's revealed through her music and through the things that she does. There's always been that constant battle growing up, as far as passion and reality, dreams and aspirations. Henson and Terrence Howard and Gabby Sidibe, you can't pay for that type of stuff. Bre-z dating. I didn't have any complaints because you just have to put yourself completely in her shoes. "I don't feel it fully yet. I look at all of the other characters the same way. She's just trying to escape a harsh reality, but it is what it is. Everybody, we all have the same thing in common, and that's the music and the passion. I love it-it's a really good feeling.Glamour: So tell me about the audition process and how you came to.

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. It was just about learning different breathing techniques with Terrence and the director. I was like, "Damn! He's got a nice voice!" It would just be amazing to see.Glamour: There's just so much talent there. A hardhead who is silenced and humbled only in the presence of her gangster father." Gatz will be introduced in Sept. I'm really glad that the people watching are getting into the character, accepting her for who she is, and beginning to understand her journey. You're just doing what you think you would do in this moment, given the circumstances, because everybody's character is so realistic. I would love to see everybody come together at one point.

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. Dating a friend. So that's just really what that was, and we definitely nailed it in shorter than the projected time frame. I was at a table read the other day, and I heard Trai Byers sing. I once walked in her shoes, so nobody can tell that story better than me. All in all it was great and one of my favorite episodes filming-definitely one to remember.Glamour: I'd love to hear more about how they nailed down your character on the show. I'm learning a lot and still learning. Somebody had mentioned my name and suggested that I go and do an audition. There's always things going on, but music still remains as an outlet-somebody I could talk to. My body was so sore-the adrenaline was pumping from being thrown up against the car because they suggested I use a stunt double, and I was like "No, I got it."Glamour: I'm sure it helped to get in the moment. It doesn't come off as how they are as an actor. I woke up the next day feeling like I had just gotten hit by a truck. If you're familiar with my background at all, it was mostly just music. Charismatic and witty, but with a street lean, she's done some dirt but rhyming is her way out. Unapologetically butch, she has won more rap battles than the best male vets on her block. They just told me that they want a girl that can rap, and I was like, "OK." I figured I could nail that part, and we'll figure everything else out. I wasn't jumping rope, I wasn't wearing makeup, I wasn't flirting with the boys, I wasn't doing that. "I winged it and it worked," says Bre-Z who adds with a laugh, "I've acted a fool but I've never been on TV."  But despite her lack of acting experience, she calls her character "a perfect fit. It never rains forever, and the sun always comes out, but we've had similar stories. And, like I said, the emotion of it all is one thing you can't run from as a woman. Before it happened, it was just kind of like, "!" But everybody has been so embracing, and Chris Rock was cool. Tune in!Glamour: You're the new breakout star on. We put all of Freda's realistic vision on wax because with [Freda's life] being similar to things that I've already experienced, it makes it that much easier and that much more authentic to get across in the music. I was able to say things through music that I probably wasn't comfortable saying directly to somebody for one of two reasons: One, that they just didn't care or two, they just wouldn't understand. I love working with everybody, they're all so nice. She's actually a MC, so I'd love to work with her.Glamour: I've been wondering when they're going to get her to rap on the show. I wondered why my friends all had their parents and happy families, and I'm just out here just trying to figure it out because I was a different type of girl. We've all tried to escape a reality at some point, and that's exactly what this character goes through. I grew up without my father, and I couldn't understand why I had to grow up like this. It was really easy, honestly, when I went in and was getting fitted for wardrobe and stuff like that. I was on the other side of the fence, so it's so much to deal with as a young woman.. It's very therapeutic, so that's something I'll definitely carry with me the rest of my life because it works so well.

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. I watch what people do and don't do, what works and doesn't work, and take a little piece of everyone and apply it to myself and just try to do my best.Glamour: You're definitely in good company. I feel like I could give that to them better than a writer can, and they're always open to suggestions to things like that rather than being like, "Well, this is what it is. So when I tell you there's not one thing that this girl has said or did that I haven't done, to watch her is to get to know a piece of me in a sense.

They liked it and loved the music, so it's been good. You can't pay to be on a TV show with Taraji P. Lucious Lyon's new pet project. Freda is a lot like myself. So just to make it more realistic, I will give my input from a person who has experienced what she's going through first hand. I was very happy with God and myself at the end of that scene because it was a lot of work. I love the reactions of the people, and I hope to just further a career in this and get more experience under my belt and try different things. As the character progresses, I will have more say just from my point of view-and that's because I've walked in her shoes before. I love the feeling I get from it. I work with Terrence, and we actually have Ta'Rhonda, who plays Porsha, Cookie's assistant, on the show