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She has very definite plans to keep me in her life. I no longer feel so betrayed and sick and awful -- violently, physically useless, maybe just like you. And she could then wish, every time she's having sex with me, that I'd do that thing the way that other partner did it. She goes out and my stomach is industriously, assertively working up to vomit; my heart is a fragile, tragic, weeping figure; my throat is bricked up and radiating heat. Or she could see someone that's just awesome for her, and makes her feel like she doesn't need me, or as though she totally overestimated how good I was. The worst thing that could possibly happen is no longer a possibility I have to conjecture about when she goes on dates. I'm trying for a good stoic stance: my, my, look at all the sensations. Relationship and romance. I work out to keep from vomiting. I can speak for the possessive part of myself. I have a guess: I think I need to feel secure that she's mine. I know what my partner's up to and what it means to her and us. And she could decide I didn't mean so much to her as she thought I did.

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. Not too long after, I get to spend some time talking with her and reconnecting; I talk about the things I felt and maybe what needs these feelings come from; we hose each other down in loving affirmations; we talk about what we can try next time. H-browse relationships. That's definitely where my partner and I are at. And I trust our commitment, and I think sex is healthy, and back when this started I felt pretty confident that we didn't need to talk about every date she went on before she went, even though that was her first instinct -- I get it, it's fine, you can just go. The possessive part of me decides it deserves answers. And while asking for details about this sort of matter totally seems like it should be emotional suicide, I'm experimenting with possession here, so I'm going to ask what the possessive part of me wants to know.

I got one that's a work in progress, but it's progressing in the way you're looking for. Looking at the shadowy nether-bits of her other relationships in light of these facts makes her other relationships seem like mere facts of our happy one. Likewise, I'll imagine what it is about this other person that really satisfies her, and tear my heart out and hate myself for not being that way, lose all confidence, and end up acting like I have no idea how to please her. And she gets to speak about what she liked and didn't like without fear of hurting me: I'm asking. I suddenly feel that I understand people who just don't want to be alive anymore. And -- I'm ashamed, because this is not like me -- it wants her to be specific about asking for the boundaries she wants to be able to act inside of on that date. Because the truth, with my partner there to face it with me, doesn't end up being scary. -- Again, all without talking to her about it. Greetings! Lurker [M] here. The time comes that I know her date is over; things start letting go. In any case, we play with it. A few weeks ago, she had to move away to be at a fellowship for two months.

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. I can give that up, or at least try, which would mean changing the way I think about her and the expectations I have in our relationship, or I can own it and figure out how to keep the possessive part of myself happy. Our terms were and are pretty broad: we've committed to building lives together, and to exploring non-monogamy together as graciously and carefully as we can. So in this new city, she's been interested to date people and be shown around and connect, which I figure is good. It sounds like you love each other and want to be able to give each other what you want -- that is, both liberty and safety -- and you just need to figure out how. And consequently, there's no nausea, and my heart is reassured, and my throat feels open. Or she could be having some deep itch of her soul scratched that I didn't know about and could never reach for her. And then I'd never be good enough again. I'd be really happy if our story could help yours in any way.

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. And it wants to get honest answers to lots of questions about the dates she's had so far. I'm a little scared -- we're both new to this -- but I'm optimistic and brave. So, we start talking about possessiveness in our relationship, and what it means to us. I want to hear back from you! Best wishes. She was casually seeing something, continued occasionally; I dealt with it. Well, well, I wonder if I'll ever stop feeling this way. I think this is coming from a feeling of possessiveness. That's why the needs of those instincts can't just be understood and met, and days consequently just called. It feels like a dramatic assertion of our not keeping secrets from each other. I'm in a non-monogamous relationship in which we've been acting as primary partners and spending the vast majority of our time together. But I wonder if that isn't a common feature of emotional roadblocks: at their heart, they come from instincts that are easy to be ashamed of. But actually asking for answers to these questions puts me in what feels like a position of power. And I feel way better about it. I wish you all the support and help that you could need. It feels like asserting the authority of our relationship over the potential for other relationships to undermine ours. It's hard to be comfortable with her seeing partners I don't know, who could be doing who-knows-what in who-knows-what-way with her. I feel quite a bit happier and more secure. These are questions that have answers, whether I know them or not, and when I don't know them, I have to worry about what I should do if the worst possible answers to those questions are secretly the true answers. Anything I might even conceivably be hurt about, I'm asking for every detail regarding, until there's nothing left to be scared of.

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. So this, in part, is what I'm thinking while she's out on a date with someone else. She could very well like it, and maybe like it a lot, and maybe like it so much that she becomes this depraved thing totally at the mercy of this new partner who can give it to her. Where's relationship status on facebook. It's angry and, well, possessive, and it has definite feelings about what's ok and what isn't. Block b dating. And I'm learning what her love life is like with other people, and I'm learning what's important to her about her love-life with me. And then she could totally come back and be embarrassed to tell me how mind-blowing that thing that happened was, and keep to herself how she can't think of anything else but going back