B-h relationship

An analogy would be a line of persons carrying water to a tank, they all have the same size bucket, but some walk faster than others [i.e. Health policies aiming at changing physical and mental health need to consider not only the direct cross-effects but also the indirect cross-effects between mental health and physical health. For an acid solution, not unsurprisingly, the equation shows that if the pH is less than p[other ions] then the conductivity is proportional to pH, but if pH is greater than p[other ions] then the conductivity depends mostly on the other ions. Generally, larger ions move slower than smaller ions and so contribute less to the conductivity. However, the "molar ionic conductivity" of H+ and OH- is greater than all other ions, so in a solution containing many species of ion, the H+ and OH- ions would usually have the most effect on conductivity. And there is a quite definite relationship between ionic strength and pH this is the kinetic salt effect which affects the acid dissociation constant according to the charge of reactants and products. And, in practice, unless you know what is in your solution you cannot use the above rule-of-thumb. pH is the negative log of the hydrogen ion concentration, alone. Using Kohlrausch’s law of independent ionic mobility it is straightforward to derive an equation that gives conductivity in terms of pH and the concentration of other ions. pH determination a proton selective membrane is employed which develop a potential because of concetration cell, hence very useful parameters to know concetration of proton or hydroxyl ion in solution provided they are ideal solutions. Special relationship exception. There is a strong link between mental health and physical health, but little is known about the pathways from one to the other. which is why, of course, we have pH meters. When an electrical current passes through a wire, what actually moves and carries the curent is ELECTRONS. These small contributions mostly become relevant for pure water.. So you se that strongly acidic [or strongly basic] solution will have high conductivity Since the pH is a measure of the concentration of the Hydrogen [and the Hydroxyl] ions, for an acidic solutin, the lower the pH [i.e. [The + and - should be superscripts, but this computer cant show this [maybe it can, but I cant]. For strong bases, such as sodium hydroxide, almost complete dissociation will take place giving us Na+ and OH- ions. the higher the H+ concentration,] the greater the conductivity will be. But I will try to keep it simple, basic, non-mathematical, - and short. Dear Jenish,Simple and smart question!As you know, pH = - log [H+] and conductivity measures the solution aptitude to conduct the electric current. These relative mobilities have been measured and are listed in many chemistry texts and reference books. However conductivity and ionic strength are more closely related. So, H+ is a "small part" of the conductivity. You can derive a similar rule for alkaline solutions.It is not quite as simple as I have described, because the molar ionic conductivity depends on concentration, and on other factors.

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Effects may be subtle but significant nevertheless.Regards, MikeElectrical conductivity is dependent on all the ions that are in solution. There will be H+ ions, Cl- ions in the solution. B-h relationship. At high pH metal hydroxide species start to form and precipitation/ immobilisation becomes important, as a consequence conductivity will drop due to the decrease in proton concentration and soluble metal ion concentration. But in solutions, the current is carried by IONS: positively charged CATIONS [+]such as H+ , Na+, Mg+, etc. But, conductivity of the solution also depends on the mobility of the ions. Conversely at low pH conductivity will rise due to an increase in both proton and metal ion concentration.I have a doubt here. Physical activity is the largest contributor to the indirect effects. So, the conductivity of a stronger acid is better than that for a stronger base and that for a weaker better than that of a weaker base.

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. In addition the pH will also affect the speciation of other substances present in the soil, such as metal ions. and negative ANIONS [-]such as OH-, Cl-, Acetate-, etc. This means that low soil pH value, as found in all stations, should have high soluble salt content and therefore high electrical conductivity. B-h relationship. Quantitatively this is described by the Bronsted equation. Remember, the conductivity is the sum of the contribution of ALL the ions present in the solution I hope this brief discussion helps you. We analyse the direct and indirect effects of past mental health on present physical health and past physical health on present mental health using lifestyle choices and social capital in a mediation framework. So, a strong acid would have a higher conductivity than a strong base.Although there is a relationship between pH and conductivity one can not substitute one for another. I agree with comments given by the previous posts. This topic, the conductivity of solutions, takes up a full chapter in a textbook on physical chemistry with many graphs and numerical tables. At low pH most are very soluble so they will have a large contribution to the overall conductivity. have greater mobility]so they contribute more