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Your best bet is to find one in person rather than using the internet at your age. Your parents and school mates dont have to know. So please focus on other things in life. Dating multiple people. A dating site for 13 year olds. Edit: Sunshine hit the nail on the head. Ive seen people go through such heartace over teen relationships. Don't tell me I'm to young, please. You can even make your own support group if you can find one for your needs. Sorry, I know that's not the answer you wanted to hear but it's the truth. We are undergoing maintenance for a few hours. When meeting someone have a friend come with you, tell your crush that you haven't come out yet and not do anything flirtatious around this friend.

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. Some features may be temporarily unavailable. I do know relationships are not the strongest at a young age and are not worth your struggle.

Ythis is to prove he is real and not a creep, also so your friend knows this new guys face too. No im not the “wise adult” or the “over protective parent “ I'm a senior woman in high school and have never dated. Plus, please take your email out. I want to find someone in my area quick, easy, and safe, using the Internet. Also there are many ways to find out if someone is gay or support gays on fb.

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. If your crush doesn't agree move on, if he can't respect your concern for safety move on. Just meet up with him somewhere when they arent around. You might find some you can trust, if not ask yahoo. Much safer method, theres freaks on the internet that will decive you and try to take advantage of you. Besides an internet relationship isnt as fun! And its super risky.