A dating game

The men are introducing themselves to a woman named Sarah. They never went on a subsequent date, however, because she reportedly found him creepy.Alcala would later be convicted of seven murders. ___ his or her job ___ age ___ hobbies ___ physical appearance or looks ___ money ___ religion ___ honesty ___ sense of humor ___ family background ___ the person's past life Listen to the conversation and answer the questions.

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. He likes women who _________.A. Nate likes women who __________.A. A dating game. Relationship ocd cheating. You can use Facebook or an online survey Web site service to collect this information. Jed Mills was Bachelor No. People on game shows are called contestants. listen to classical music B. goes hiking in the mountains B. Then, discuss your results with a partner or your class. reads many types of booksC. speak different languages B. You will hear introductions on a dating game show. “This creep comes up to me and he puts his face practically in my face and says, ‘I always get the girl!’"When I think about what he said, 'I always get my girl.' He kills them. The film stars Guillermo Diaz, who bears a striking resemblance to the real-life serial killer.“He's got no remorse," Diaz told Inside Edition.

He is a university student. reading books on rock music B. Nate enjoys ______________.A. That what he was talking about, but he's not telling us that obviously.” Despite Alcala’s odd behavior on The Dating Game, the bachelorette picked him as the winner. enjoy sports and exerciseC. In his free time, he ________________.A. playing soccer with his friendsC. He's a hospital manager.C. A relationship isn't always 50/50