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Om stopping her: Wait dadi you go we will wake them up. Then I had to stay at a dhaba in Devgarh. Anika: Okay fine let’s go to our room then. Anika, Sukanya and Atharv are sleeping together in Shivaay’s room. Atharv: No worries we know how to remind you. Atharv: But all of a sudden. Atharv: But why she has slept just a few minutes back. Suk: Aapna BBC news baad me chala Lena, aadhi raat ko konsa koi bomb fotne wala hai. Anika: Shivaay apko kuch kehna hai. KHANNA UNCLE… Khanna coming there: Kaho Atharv. Atharv and Suk look at each other and back to ShivIka and again to each other, their faces finally flutters with joy making ShivIka to leave their long held breath and sigh in relief. Anika nods and three of them walk down. Four of them enter the room and go to the bathroom tip toeing silently, they return with four buckets of water and without any warning empty it on the people sleeping on bed and soon four of them burst out laughing hearing the reaction and seeing the sound…. @SHIVAAY’S ROOM Dadi is standing and admiring the family of four who is sleeping together, she smiles seeing four of them sleeping with a smile. Bhavya in sleep: Rudra dekhiye hum apko keh rahe hain hume tang mat ki jiye nahi toh hum aapko jail me daal denga. Suk: Mumma I will also come. Relationship apps. Where both Atharv and Sukanya were sleeping together holding each other’s hand, Shivaay and Anika smile seeing their bond. Shivaay: Waise me itna nervous toh dadi, mom and dad se bhi shaadi ki baat karte hue kabhi nahi hua honga. Janvi goes to RuVya’s room first. Three people enter the O.M. Sukanya hops on Shivaay, while Atharv on Anika and both the kids literally crush their parent in a hug and shower them with kisses. Anika: Shivaay… Atharv: Papa… Shivaay is made to sit on the sofa and Meher brings water for him. Mujhe pata hai Maine bohaat saari galtiyaan ki hain tum shayaad un sab ke liye mujhe kabhi maaf nahi kar paogi, par please mujhse dur mat Jana fir se, me jee nahi paunga. While something in the prescription paper catches Suk’s attention. Suk making puppy face: Please I won’t get sleep like this. Nitya: It’s perfectly alright guys and girls. Anika: Okay now you both sleep. He tell them his idea while they happily agree. In the hall they find Meher pacing like a pendulum. Three of them leave after giving a glare and warning to both the doctor and Khanna. Janvi with a forced smile: Good morning Rudra. He calls out loudly seeing Dr. Network wasn’t available so I couldn’t inform you. Atharv’s eyes become wide.. Pinky: OMM mummy ji iss me khush hone waali kya baat hai. I will go and wake them up. Meher: You will never change Nitts. Anika: And Shivaay promise me from today we won’t let any past grudge or problems come in our life. Sorry to dishearten you but already these two idiots know that I am not meant to be changed. Abeer: Are you okay Nitts, you just said Aww….

Vaise kitna kanjoos ho aap khane ka kharcha na karna pade uske liye bhaag kar shaadi kar rahe Ho. Om: Dadi will you keep starring them like this or wake them up also. While the three other spectators look at the place where Meher’s gaze is fixed. Dadi: Okay you go and wake them up I will go to check on billu. Shivaay drags a reluctant Anika and they both make their way to Atharv’s room. Btw you two were so excited to tell this news to us that you couldn’t wait till morning. Pinky leaves while Janvi looks on being upset but due to Pinky’s noise both RuVya wake up. Shivaay: Ya we want both of your’s permission. This girl the day she has stepped back in this house problems have returned. Anika: No no no no ways they have had a very busy day and were worried for whole day it won’t be right to disturb them right now. Janvi shaking Bhavya: Bhavya wake up. Suk: Kya yaar kitna taang karte ho aap sab. Bhavya suspiciously: Aapke dimaag me kya chal raha hai bhaiya. Anika looking shockingly at him: At this time of the night. Gauri says admiring the four: Bada bhaiya, Anika Bhaujai aur bacche saath me kitne aache lagte hai na. No one cares for my Shivaay at all. Shivaay walks to them and wakes them up.

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. Nitya hugs her: Aww… Seems like somebody was missing me alot. Terrence j dating history. Dating to get over someone. Atharv looks at it and on finding nothing important passes an irritated look to her. She stares it for quite a while and then looks up at Atharv and Manik and signals the duo to come out of the room both oblige being confused.

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. Om: Come let’s go to your room. Pinky: OMM mummy ji why are you standing here. Nitya making faces: Fish… Abeer: Btw if you two are done I think so we have a patient to attend to. Janvi: I will leave you both come down soon. Abeer: Actually, Nitya called me as she found Shivaay at the dhaba and Shivaay asked her to call at home and inform so she called on landline and I had received the call as it was quite late so I took Khanna with me and went to get them home. All nod and walk to Shivaay’s room where they all talk and then sleep together by doing adjustment. I thought once again I will loose you and Sukanya. Shivaay: Relax guys I am fine. Nitya & Meher together: Hell with you idiot. Atharv: Preparations for what choti ma. Both nod while Janvi leaves to wake up RiKara and both wake up soon without showing any tantrums to her. Janvi taunts: How weird it is Pinky that about your own son you need to know from others. The only thing to piss Shivaay off is that his daughter has got her humour senses inherited from her darling Rudy chachu and he genuinely wants to cut Rudra’s head into two. Suk making faces wakes up and leans on the bed rest. Today she has to cry, cry to let her pain go off, cry so that she could feel the peace, cry so that she can let go off her past life, with these tears of her, today her every pain comes to an end and with that her wait too. Soon everyone appears in the hall as Sukanya pings them about Shivaay coming home. He says hiding into his pillow once again. She knew how much they all have struggled to be together and the smile on their face is well deserved.

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. I was scared how will Atharv manage but somewhere I was sure that with you he will be fine. A dating duo shivika ff. I can’t also live without you anymore. My head was blasting in all the crap going on between the fellow idiots. Pinky taunts back: At least I don’t need to ask others about my husband like you. Both smile and Anika rests her head on Shivaay’s chest. Suk: I am very happy today. Gauri and Bhavya make innocent puppy faces. Nitya irritated: Ya that langda ghoda. Samar feels more uncomfortable and trying to walk off gives his final word: You must be mistaken dear I don’t remember anyone. Dadi: Meher will you please show Nitya her room. Shivaay: And ya don’t tell this to anybody I will disclose it on my own tomorrow. Meher: Actually… Meher stops seeing three people coming inside the Oberoi Mansion and sighs in relief. Shivaay: Gauri, Bhavya you both also joined these fools. Dadi: No beta, where will you go at this time stay back here only. Shivaay hitting OmRu: Are you two mad is this the way to wake some one up. Shivaay and Anika laugh and four of them share a group hug. Meher looks at the duo and then jumping in happiness hugs Nitya tightly. Janvi: It me your mother Rudra. Dadi: Gauri go call our family doctor. The doctor turns around and feels a little uncomfortable seeing the trio huffing. Nitya: Did you even expect me to change. Pinky coming in the room: OMM they all are still sleeping. Dadi: Not at all beta, it’s really late you should stay back. When relationships are over